Straight Talk ZTE Solar

The ZTE Solar is a low cost larged screened device with an powerful 1.2ghz processor.  The Solar is a 4.2″ screened device with a very affordable price tag.  The Solar is a medium sized device that works on the GSM network so Straight Talk would activate this with either AT&T or TMobile. Check ZTE Solar Availability

If you have examined other ZTE Straight Talk phones, you might be wondering why the heck you would pick the Solar over the other models. The answer is that this is the only medium to large sized device at this price range that will work with GSM (AT& or TMobile).

Check ZTE Solar Availability


Highlights on the Solar are a fairly large screen measuring 4.2″. This is an attractive phone though fairly straight forward in terms of design.  Construction is all plastic including the screen which is typical for ZTEs at this price point. As you can see, we have the now typical 3 button capacitive touch buttons just below the screen. As with other ZTEs, the phone has a light sensor for activating the back light on said touch buttons.

Another highlight worth talking about is the 5mp digital camera which has a front facing camera and LED flash. Picture quality is quite good here and of course you do get video recording capabilities.

Specs & Features

Main specs worth talking about is the 1.2 ghz processor which performs great considering the entry level nature of the phone.  In fact, the 1.2 ghz processor places this one squarely above all other ZTE phones in that it is the most powerful of the current ZTE Straight Talk batch. One great thing about ZTE Straight Talk phone is that they all come with newer versions of Android, the Solar is no exception as it comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  Jelly Bean offers the Google Play store for downloading apps,  Navigation, Google Maps, YouTube and more. Of course, you can always download more free or paid apps. Straight Talk does not restrict this in any way but you do need a Google account to download stuff.

Perhaps the main reason to get this phone is the large 4.2″ screen. The phone itself is medium sized measuring 5.24″ x 2.60″ x 0.42″ so not in the huge category.  The screen is bright and has great resolution.   For the money, specs are great for an entry level device.


The Straight Talk ZTE Solar is a fine phone. You would want to select this phone if for whatever reason you need your phone activated with GSM so AT&T or TMobile. Other than that, all specs are essentially the same as other similarly priced ZTE devices, namely the ZTE Savvy and ZTE Majesty.


Straight Talk ZTE Solar